Who are we ?


A passionate team of experienced designers, developers and healthcare professionals motivated to achieve goals and meet new challenges on an ongoing basis.

Alphath's story was born in a very specific environment: medical imaging.

Originally founded by Oumkaltoum EL Maslohi, who has fifteen years of experience as a radiology technician, the development of this solution has always been driven by the ambition to offer an innovative model of care that is accessible to every individual.

With an enriching professional career in a health center located close to the inner city and confronted daily with the reality of the field, our President wanted to develop a tool.

A digital platform that would be both effective in responding to the various problems encountered by health professionals and patients but also have a significant impact on the medical and social inequalities that are still too present.

ALPHATH will be launched in August 2021 after several years of research and development.

Who is behind ALPHATH?

Today ALPHATH is home to a passionate team! Experienced designers, developers and healthcare professionals motivated to achieve their goals and take on new challenges.

Many people have joined the ALPHATH team and all the talents present on the platform contribute to the growth of our project as do the patients who trust us.

Partners and supporters